Workshop QnA

Tufting time and size of finished product

Participants will complete a 20x20/40x40/90x90 cm rug within the workshop hours.

What if I'm bad at drawing or designing?

Don't worry! Contact us @Tufting_Nuts on IG. Our crew member will advise and help you with the design selection. You are welcome to refer to the pictures from the internet and transform them into your unique design.

We will project your design on the tufting cloth. So you can outline the define the outer edge of your design quickly. 
Out of respect for all art creators, please be sure to respect intellectual property rights!
This workshop is for tufting teaching and demonstration only, no design services are provided.

What if I couldn't finish the tuft work on time?

We have summarized some key notes for you to select your design. Please refer to [Material Guidelines] in our home page.
Remember to upload the design you would like to tuft to @Tufting_nuts on IG 5 days before the class. 
We will assist you to determine the difficulty of the design to ensure the customer could complete the rug within workshop hours. 

Please follow the guidance and advice form our crew members. If the rug design is too difficult and complex, please simplify/replace the rug design with another. 

If the rug is not completed at the end of the session, you can decide one of the following:

  1. Extension are available at RM25/30 mins, subject to availability.
  2.  End the workshop with a semi-finished product. 


Can I bring an accompany along? Just to help me to take some pictures or wait on the side?

Due to the space constraints and the workshop quality, companions, children and pets are not allowed in this workshop.