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(90 x 90 cm frame) Couple Rug Tufting Workshop for 4 hours *please read description before purchase*

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The couple will be sharing a tufting gun and creating a joyful memory!

[Please send us the date and time you would like to book via IG @tufting_nuts before making payment]

[In the case that customer do not DM before making payment and requests for refund due to seat availability, 15% of the transactions fee will be charged on the refund as we will still be charging by Shopify and Stripe twice (payment and refund)] 

đŸ§¶About the workshop

Experience the fun of tufting with us.

Don't worry if you have no experience in tufting! Our friendly crew will guide you step-by-step on how to use a tufting gun to weave various colours of wool on special fabrics. You will not believe how healing and stress-relieving it is.

Finally, receive your exclusive customized rug with a sense of achievement in 2 - 3 weeks.


đŸ§¶Workshop description

This is a 4 hours hands-on workshop, you will finish your one-of-a-kind rug and the end product will be ready for self-collection/shipped (optional) in 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

We will provide you with all the equipment you need. All you have to do is put on the apron, tie your hair up and start tufting.

A newbie with zero experience is welcome. 


đŸ§¶What will you get 

A one-of-a-kind rug (90 x 90 cm) and a wonderful tufting experience. 


đŸ§¶Before purchase

  • We reserve the right to confirm the eligibility for registration. If it is found that you are under the age of 15, the eligibility for the class will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Please read <Workclass QnA> <Our Policy> before placing an order.
  • Placing an order means the customer agrees to the terms and conditions on this page.
  • Please submit the pictures you would want to tuft to Tufting Nuts Instagram 5 days before the workshop. For the rug pattern, please refer to the <Material guideline> guidelines on our home page.
  • Our crew will assist you to determine the difficulty of the design to ensure the customer could complete the rug within 3 hours. If the rug design is too difficult and complex, please simplify/replace the rug design with another to complete the rug within the hour. Out of respect for all art creators, please be sure to respect intellectual property rights!
  • Respecting others' time, our workshop will start on time. Please arrive at our workshop 15 mins before the class starts.
  • If the customer is cancelled or is late for more than 30 minutes or no-shows will be considered as slots used and the payment will not be refunded.
  • To avoid the above situation affecting the progress of other customers, the customer who is late for more than 30 mins will no longer be able to enter the workshop.
  • In case of equipment failure or abnormal situation, please stop immediately and inform our crew members. Do not try to disassemble or repair the equipment by yourself to avoid any injury or hardware damage. We are not responsible for any injury due to the customer who tries to disassemble or repair the equipment by himself and the customer is responsible for hardware damage.
  • Our crew will be taking pictures and videos of the customer's work and the workshop's highlights during the class and sharing them on social platforms, official websites or other media. To protect your portrait rights, please let us know in advance if you do not want to be photographed.
  • Tufting Nuts reserves the right to make final interpretations and decisions on all matters of this workshop.